torstai 7. marraskuuta 2019

Big Decisions

Pictures: Jya-housing


This autumn has turned out to be a time of big decisions. We've decided
 to put our house for sale. After living in this house and carefully
renovating it for the past 13 years, it now feels like time
for something new. A fresh start.

If you or any of your friends are looking for a lovely old,
wooden house with all big renovations done (in Porvoo), 
 here is a link to the real-estate agent's ad.

keskiviikko 25. syyskuuta 2019


Autumn is here and I'm in love with the ripe colours of nature and burning
 candles in the evenings. I've also lit the season's first fire in our wooden
 stove in the kitchen one morning. So lovely!

My son loves winter and is already waiting for snow. 
Can't say I'd mind a little snow either. :)



keskiviikko 21. elokuuta 2019

Mixed garden flower bouquets

Oh how many different bouquets you can make out of flowers and greens from your own garden!
The sky really is the limit. Love letting my imagination run free!

 At the moment I'm especially excited about this new mint plant, that has grown
 enormous during the summer. It has such lovely leaves and soft lilac flowers.
Perfect for mixing and matching with other flowers!

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday!

torstai 15. elokuuta 2019

Blue Moments

Morning lovelies!

Been back at work for nearly four weeks now, and A went back to school
 ( second grade already) this week. Back to basics that is! :D

Since Coco joined our family and I had to get up to take her outside at 4
 in the morning, I've started waking up earlier now, even though the
dog no longer needs to be let outside at 4. Omg! :D

Well, this simply means I have some quiet me-time in the mornings,
 with time for doing things I enjoy, such as reading books and blogging. :)

These are definately the last of this summer's cornflowers.
You can smell autumn in the air already, and the mornings
 are quite misty with that musty scent of late summer
lingering in the garden. I absolutely love
 autumn, so I'm enjoying every minute.

Starting my workday here at home soon. Oh, how I cherish
 the opportunity of working from home! It has made life so
 much simpler and less hectic. Something I value
 very highly. So greatful!

Have a nice Thursday!


tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2019


I've had bouquets of cornflowers from my flowerbed spread all over
 the house for the last few weeks. I've loved these little cuties ever
 since I was a little girl. My love for nature and flowers
 started at an early age. I remember growing
cornflowers in the garden of my childhood
 home,where I was given my own little 
flowerbed, able to choose what
 to grow myself.

These little bouquets are so cute!

Sending you warmth and sunshine,


sunnuntai 28. heinäkuuta 2019

Rose Garden

I have always loved roses, and their scent is an essential part of summer for me. 
They are some of the most thankful bloomers in the garden, spreading joy
 almost all summer long, And oh, they are so beautiful. I made this rose
 bed last autumn and I will definately be planting more.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday! 

keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2019

Holiday Mode

I'm on my third week of summer vacation, and I feel calm and relaxed. 
The weather has not been very warm or sunny, but I've managed
 to enjoy my time off surprisingly well. I'm actually not that
 bothered about not having been able to lay on the beach 
every day.

I have two sets of covers for our sofas, and decided to change into the beige ones.
 Changing the covers really gives the whole room a different feel. 
Can't really say which one I like more, these light beige 
or the grey ones. 

Ps. Have you heard, beige is making a comeback this fall!
 Grey has been favoured for a long time, so it might 
actually be a refreshing change. 

Wishing you a cozy evening,