lauantai 25. toukokuuta 2019


I planted a small crabapple last autumn. After being so taken by our gorgeous
 cherry blossoms every spring, I started looking for another, 
similar tree to plant in another part of our garden.

So happy I chose this one! Wow! 
There are tons of  amazing flowers in a lovely, 
slightly darker pink shade. Now I just can't wait for it to grow bigger.

Such a wonderful time outside right now. 
There is life everywhere and the surrounding nature is full of colours. 
Love it!

Have a great weekend!



keskiviikko 15. toukokuuta 2019

Vili 3 years

Yet another example of how time flies. Can't believe this little guy turns 3 years old today. 
Feels like these pictures were taken just a little while ago. 

Congratulations sweet little Vili! 
You travelled a long way to become one of our family members. 
What a joy it has been! 


maanantai 13. toukokuuta 2019

Hello Coco!

Let me introduce you to our newest family member, Adjoo's A Real Gold Mine "Coco".
She's an Australian Shepherd just as our previous girls have been,
and I simply can't believe how adorable she is! 

 Coco absolutely adores food, and hangs out by her bowl quite often.
She may look innocent and all, but she's quite the little rugrat!  :)

Welcome to our gang sweet little Coco!

torstai 9. toukokuuta 2019

Cherry Blossom 2019

The cherry blossoms in our garden have been exceptionally beautiful this year.
Thousands of pink flowers have bloomed for nearly two weeks now, and I think that's
 record-breaking for the 13 years since I planted the tree. Wow!
This tree never seizes to amaze me!