lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2019

About that Zen-lifestyle...

This little white buddha is one of my favourite objects in our house at the moment. A great symbol of that zen-lifestyle I've been striving for over the last few years. Or well, I've at least tried to fit in as many zen-moments as possible in everyday life. The truth is, most days turn out pretty far from zen with kids, work, dogs, hobbies and everything else our lives are made out of in modern day society. But squeezing in a meditation practice, a relaxing walk in the woods or just sitting down with a good book is enough for me.

I actually took a pretty bad fall outside less than an hour ago. My palms were all bloody and my back took a pretty bad hit too. I fear my hands (and the rest of my body) will be pretty sore tomorrow. Enough with the ice and snow - I need spring and warmth!

Have a lovely Saturday evening!



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