keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2019

Holiday Mode

I'm on my third week of summer vacation, and I feel calm and relaxed. 
The weather has not been very warm or sunny, but I've managed
 to enjoy my time off surprisingly well. I'm actually not that
 bothered about not having been able to lay on the beach 
every day.

I have two sets of covers for our sofas, and decided to change into the beige ones.
 Changing the covers really gives the whole room a different feel. 
Can't really say which one I like more, these light beige 
or the grey ones. 

Ps. Have you heard, beige is making a comeback this fall!
 Grey has been favoured for a long time, so it might 
actually be a refreshing change. 

Wishing you a cozy evening,


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