torstai 15. elokuuta 2019

Blue Moments

Morning lovelies!

Been back at work for nearly four weeks now, and A went back to school
 ( second grade already) this week. Back to basics that is! :D

Since Coco joined our family and I had to get up to take her outside at 4
 in the morning, I've started waking up earlier now, even though the
dog no longer needs to be let outside at 4. Omg! :D

Well, this simply means I have some quiet me-time in the mornings,
 with time for doing things I enjoy, such as reading books and blogging. :)

These are definately the last of this summer's cornflowers.
You can smell autumn in the air already, and the mornings
 are quite misty with that musty scent of late summer
lingering in the garden. I absolutely love
 autumn, so I'm enjoying every minute.

Starting my workday here at home soon. Oh, how I cherish
 the opportunity of working from home! It has made life so
 much simpler and less hectic. Something I value
 very highly. So greatful!

Have a nice Thursday!


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